Cauldwell Wingate has been retained as Construction Manager to replace the main boiler plant and fire alarm system at New Rochelle Hospital and the fire alarm system at Mount Vernon Hospital. Installation of the new boiler and fire alarm systems will occur while maintaining full hospital operations.

During pre-construction, Cauldwell Wingate worked with New Rochelle Hospital’s engineering team to identify critical systems to ensure a successful makeready phase for the boiler replacement. Three new boilers will be installed in the hospital’s cellar, necessitating that the vaulted area be opened to allow the boilers to be rigged in place. Temporary boilers are currently in place. Schedule is perhaps this project’s most critical component, as the building must be closed back up and the boilers commissioned before the colder weather arrives.

As construction activities for the fire alarm replacements will occur in numerous occupied settings throughout both hospitals, Cauldwell Wingate is working closely with the hospital teams to establish robust procedures arising from the Infection Control Risk Assessment.