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Bravo Builders Active Shooter Safety Training

Bravo Builders is committed to the safety of employees in the office, on-site and in everyday situations. Earlier this week, the Bravo team participated in an active shooter training that focused on how to identify potential threats, how to best handle them to survive, as well as what to expect after an active shooting takes place. This training was offered office-wide and was provided by David Katz from Global Security Group.

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Safety Week

National Safety Week

At Bravo Builders, our number one priority is the safety and health of both our workers and the public. Life is irreplaceable, and risks are avoidable which is why the importance of National Safety Week and best practice education cannot be overstated. This year highlights one of the biggest dangers in the construction industry – the RISK OF FALLS – with topics including ladders, holes and unenclosed perimeter safety.

Protection and Prevention

Safety is a team effort, and as we continually strive to improve safety on our sites, helping workers identify unsafe conditions and implement best practices to avoid accidents is critical. Taking action is easy: a few key points to keep in mind include covering any holes or simply using the correct size ladder to avoid the safety violation of utilizing the top two steps. It’s essential to use fall protection during elevated work and never to uncover a hole until it’s time to put material through. Establish fall protection and control access zones before removal of guardrails or safety netting systems, and always put guardrails back in place when work is finished and before removing a safety harness. On a more technical note, fall protection must be in place six feet back from the edge of a building and not at a perimeter column.

We are all responsible when it comes to safety, and through prevention and best practices, we can save lives.