Jeremiah Laureano – Healthcare Construction Forum 417 335 Cauldwell Wingate

Jeremiah Laureano – Healthcare Construction Forum

The Commercial Observer hosted their 4th Annual Healthcare Construction Forum on September 24th with several hundred attendees. Jeremiah Laureano, Project Executive at Cauldwell Wingate participated on the Development and Master Planning for Future Healthcare Needs panel. During the conversation he was able to discuss how construction firms are tailoring their processes and development strategies while responding to new COVID-specific requirements. The panel discussed the rise in healthcare costs as well as demand for new technology and research facilities, and decisions about new hospital locations as well as design and functionality.

George Braun – Construction Safety Forum 429 422 Cauldwell Wingate

George Braun – Construction Safety Forum

On May 5th2020 The Commercial Observer hosted the 2nd Annual Construction Safety Forum featuring George Braun, VP Corporate Safety at Cauldwell Wingate. The presentation focused on the issue of safety on construction sites, a major concern in keeping workers and the public safe, especially in dense urban zones. The fatal injury rate of workers in the construction industry is higher than the national average for all industries. George discussed the latest local laws and regulatory requirements including OSHA 10and 30 outreach training courses on the recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of workplace hazards. Highlighting innovative safety techniques and best practices including fall protection, cocooning, construction drones, site sensors, and personal protective equipment.

Christina Rivera – Women in Real Estate Forum 416 399 Cauldwell Wingate

Christina Rivera – Women in Real Estate Forum

The Commercial Observer celebrated the accomplishments that women have made in the commercial real estate industry at the 4th Annual Women in Real Estate Forum that took place on Tuesday, June 16, 2020. Panels comprised of the top female executives behind some of the most notable projects in the region. Christina Rivera, Project Executive at Cauldwell Wingate, LLC discussed the importance of empowering women at all levels to build successful careers in the real estate design and construction industries as well as realizing their full potential professionally. The panel dove into challenges and opportunities for women in the ever-changing landscape of construction and development, with advice on mentoring and lessons learned through the span of impressive careers.

The Cauldwell Wingate Team Ascends to New Heights (Literally) 640 480 Cauldwell Wingate

The Cauldwell Wingate Team Ascends to New Heights (Literally)

Now with our expanded team, we brought everyone together to scale new heights at the Queensbridge Brooklyn Boulders in Long Island City, one of New York’s most exciting neighborhoods. Working together, we used problem solving and determination to climb, and then came together afterward for pizza and beverages.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate how this company and its amazing people come together every day to help redefine New York’s built environment and deliver game-changing projects for our clients and the community.

Check out pictures from our team-building day below.

Women Promoting Success Teamwork Event 640 480 Cauldwell Wingate

Women Promoting Success Teamwork Event

Our most recent Women Promoting Success Event focused on teamwork and leadership. First, we watched a video on these important topics and then described what teamwork means to us. Some words that came to mind were togetherness, trust, unity, alliance and respect. We then broke into groups and put our teamwork skills to the test, as we came up with ideas and brands for a food truck. Using our creative and engineering skills, each group created a food truck using arts and crafts materials. The event was a huge success and we are looking forward to more innovative and collaborative Women Promoting Success Events in the future!

CWC Staff returned to Community Kitchen of West Harlem 1024 498 Cauldwell Wingate

CWC Staff returned to Community Kitchen of West Harlem

CWC Staff returned to Community Kitchen of West Harlem yesterday to continue a four year tradition of volunteering to serve a hot meal, offer a friendly face, and show fellow New Yorker’s that they care. Dinner service included serving 259 plated meals, preparing grab and go boxes, bussing tables, manual washing of dinnerware and final clean-up of dining hall and kitchen.

Operation Santa: Giving Back This Holiday Season 480 640 Cauldwell Wingate

Operation Santa: Giving Back This Holiday Season

Cauldwell Wingate is proud to participate in Operation Santa through USPS and give back this holiday season. Each year, thousands of letters to Santa are sent to Post Offices from children and families across the country. The letters are adopted by individuals and organizations to send responses and thoughtful gifts in Santa’s place. This year, we became Santa’s helper for two children, Anthony and Christine. The team at Cauldwell prepared gifts for the kids including gift cards, pajamas, clothing, toys and games. The gifts will arrive on Christmas Day and we hope each child has a magical holiday.

Cauldwell Wingate’s 2019 Holiday Party 1024 772 Cauldwell Wingate

Cauldwell Wingate’s 2019 Holiday Party

On December 12, Cauldwell Wingate celebrated their Holiday Party at Beauty and Essex in Midtown, where the team enjoyed cocktails and a sit-down dinner. Late in the evening, we prepared various games with prizes such as raffles, scratch-offs and finding the Golden Ticket. This successful event created a wonderful opportunity for everyone to socialize with new team members. We celebrated our team’s amazing accomplishments in 2019 and we can’t wait for what’s to come in the New Year!

Bravo Builders Hosts Women Promoting Success Event 640 480 Cauldwell Wingate

Bravo Builders Hosts Women Promoting Success Event

Last week, Bravo Builders hosted a donut themed Women Promoting Success Event featuring speaker Linda Luppino, President & CEO of 3L Flooring Company. Ms. Luppino spoke to event attendees about her rise through the ranks of the flooring industry, her distinguished career and current initiatives. She discussed the do’s and don’ts for getting a great end result in wood flooring projects and brought in samples to show the differences in products that are offered for flooring. Following the informative presentation, our guests were able to ask questions and engage with Ms. Luppino about her experience. This was a very successful event, and we look forward to hosting more Women Promoting Success Events in the future.

Bravo Builders Safety Awards 480 640 Cauldwell Wingate

Bravo Builders Safety Awards

Bravo Builders recently gave out Safety Awards in which the Director of Safety, Charlene Dodson, recognized employees for their contributions and focus on safety in the company. This year, Dodson recognized six Bravo Builders team members with Safety Awards for Excellence, consisting of: Omar Casiano, Assistant Superintendent; Steve Catuogno, Senior Superintendent; Niki Bennett, Contracts & Violations Manager; Michael Patella, Assistant Superintendent; TJ Flood, Senior Superintendent; and Courtney Richardson, Assistant Superintendent. Each winner received a gift card prize, along with a certificate acknowledging their achievement. We are so proud of the contributions to safety made by these team members, and by the Bravo Builders team as a whole.