Rolling into the Fourth of July Weekend with Lobster & Crab Rolls! 1000 563 Cauldwell Wingate

Rolling into the Fourth of July Weekend with Lobster & Crab Rolls!

In anticipation of the long weekend we thought what better way than to have a Lobster and Crab roll lunch, complete with some Lobster Bisque, chips and slaw!!  Everyone really enjoyed the change in menu and it was a great way to get us in the spirit for the fun weekend ahead celebrating Independence Day!

Cauldwell Wingate June 2021 Happy Hour 640 480 Cauldwell Wingate

Cauldwell Wingate June 2021 Happy Hour

We were so excited to finally be able to safely come together for a company Happy Hour.  It has been a long road to get here but we made it as a team!  Everyone had such a great time enjoying food and drinks at Anejo Tribeca.  We were able to reconnect and catch up with each other and I think we all look forward to more events in the future.  #thehappiesthappyhour

CPR, AED & First Aid Training 1024 461 Cauldwell Wingate

CPR, AED & First Aid Training

Cauldwell Wingate offers CPR, AED & First Aid Training courses while also adhering to COVID protocols. It is an incredibly informative class with amazing trainers that leaves us all feeling a lot more prepared should an emergency arise.

June 18,2021

April 26, 2021

Yay for National Donut Day!!! 640 480 Cauldwell Wingate

Yay for National Donut Day!!!

Here at CW, we look for any reason to celebrate!  So we bring to you our take on National Donut Day!!!  We brought in donuts from the amazing donut bakery Dough in NYC.  With flavors like hibiscus, lemon poppy and chocolate cocoa nib there was something for everyone!

Donut Stop Believing!!!


Wednesday’s Are For Lunches!!! 640 480 Cauldwell Wingate

Wednesday’s Are For Lunches!!!

Here at CW we like to promote group lunches on Wednesdays where we cater in a variety of different options and encourage people to go out on the terrace and chat.  We feel it is important for our teams to step away from their desks and projects to reconnect on a personal level.

Cauldwell Wingate Recognition Award Winners – May 2021 539 707 Cauldwell Wingate

Cauldwell Wingate Recognition Award Winners – May 2021

A special congratulations to the recipients of our Recognition Awards for Best Team Player and Appreciation. Assistant Project Manager, Christian Bell, has won the Best Team Player award as he exemplifies what it means to be committed to his team and the organization as a whole. IT Specialist, Tony Su, has won the Appreciation Award as he is someone that we all know we could not function without. He is instrumental in all of our day to day operations and does so with a smile. We want to thank them both for being a part of what makes Cauldwell Wingate so amazing!

Cauldwell Wingate PM & Leadership Training 640 480 Cauldwell Wingate

Cauldwell Wingate PM & Leadership Training

Cauldwell Wingate is very excited to resume their Project Management and Field Supervisory Staff training lecture series that has been waylaid due to COVID restrictions for more than a year.

Cauldwell Wingate has been back to the office, at full capacity since around the turn of the year and out of an overabundance of caution has waited until now to resume this series.

These are classes that are developed and instructed by our Senior Executive Staff, Project Executives and General Superintendents. These staff members meet weekly to plan future curriculum.

This month’s classes contained instruction for all Assistant Project Managers through Senior Project Manager in the proper management toward a GMP including scope development, bid solicitation, bid levelling and subcontract award.

Future curriculum will include classes on
1. Documentation of delays in adherence with CMA language
2. Proper review and handling of project submittals
3. Proper contingency accounting
4. TCO Expediting
5. Much more.

Cauldwell Wingate’s culture takes the mentoring and growth of our associates very seriously and it is through these lectures that we grow a stronger and more cohesive team.


Cauldwell Wingate Construction Safety Week 1024 461 Cauldwell Wingate

Cauldwell Wingate Construction Safety Week

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fall prevention campaign includes the National Fall Safety Stand down. It was launched eight years ago in conjunction with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health National Occupational Research Agenda and The Center for Construction Research and Training. Each spring, construction firms across the United States participate in Construction Safety Week. This national effort was developed specifically to reduce injuries and fatalities resulting from worker-related falls.

CWC participates each year, in varying ways, depending upon our project type, size, logistics and current phase of construction. Our Construction Safety Week events have ranged from an “enhanced” toolbox talk to site-wide third-party demonstrations of the latest fall protection technology. Hard hat stickers, brochures and certificates of completion are distributed at conclusion of each session. In addition, CWC has joined in the social media promotion of this important topic in an effort to heighten worker awareness on our job sites and NYC construction industry at large.

Construction Safety Week is not just a focus on stopping falls. OSHA’s three remaining “Focus” or “Fatal Four” hazards are also discussed (struck-by, caught/in-between and electrocution). So please take a minute or two and think about what you can do to help prevent falls. The slogan for this year’s campaign is “Be Present. Be Focused. Be Safe.”, which speaks to the risks present in every aspect of our work, including ones unobservable. These external pressures and interruptions interfere with our ability to stay present, focused and safe on the job. That is why it is critically important to promote a holistic approach to error reduction in the workplace. This means ensuring that we are always both physically and mentally present, and that we make every aspect of our wellbeing part of our safety culture and initiatives. We must categorize both physical and psychological safety, and how together, they play an important role in our relationships with our team members and with our ability to bring our safest, most productive, best selves to work every day.

How many times have we seen the sign: “A good safety record is no accident?”

Hershey Kiss Count 480 640 Cauldwell Wingate

Hershey Kiss Count

Sometimes you need to break things up, so last week at CW we played a fun guessing game!  “How many Hershey Kisses are in this acrylic box?!”  The closest one was the winner!  Congratulations, Johnny Wong, for either incredible math skills or guessing skills.  Not only did he win a gift card but also 2035 Hershey Kisses!!

Contextual Contemporary Award 1024 496 Cauldwell Wingate

Contextual Contemporary Award

Congratulations to our 323 E 61st Project for winning an award for Architectural Design from FUES, Friends of the Upper East Side.  Our team is honored to have been a part of such an iconic project.