About Cauldwell Wingate

Deeply engrained in New York City, Cauldwell Wingate has performed pre-construction, construction management and general contracting services for some of New York’s most iconic buildings for more than a century. Cauldwell Wingate’s construction and real estate development experience and successful record of innovation in the construction process has gained the firm a stellar reputation in the marketplace as well as a strong loyalty from our long term, repeat client base. Our clients benefit from our executive level commitment to every project, as well as our specialization in the New York market. Our executives are hands-on in our construction approach and available to every client.

A Storied History

The story of 20th Century New York City is also the story of Cauldwell Wingate. Since our founding in 1910, Cauldwell Wingate has been a part of the evolution of New York, developing and building millions of square feet of base buildings and interiors. With our operations firmly focused on New York City construction, we are experts in all of the nuances of building in the “Capital of the World,” and our company is built on a century of experience here. The city’s very landscape bears the indelible mark of Cauldwell Wingate, including monumental works like the New York City Criminal Courts Building, the Brooklyn Public Library, the Saks Fifth Avenue Building and Temple Emanu-El. Stability, strength, planning and integrity are in our DNA, and in our over 100 years, Cauldwell Wingate has completed every project we have started.